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This is Unifiltekken. For Filipino Tekken Enthusiasts Around the Globe.

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Battle Online Sign Up

Signing up for UFTC Battle Online is as simple as Filling all the Blank Pages of this Form.

Let’s just take a moment to read the Terms and Condition before you sign up. By signing up to this Unifiltekken form, you agree to the following condition:

1. That you will adhere to the rules set by the online organizer/s here in Unifiltekken’s Battle Online.
2. That you agree that the video Tekken fights recorded by us will be the sole property of Unifiltekken for us to upload and use the video any way we want to.
3. That you will use proper language and will be kind to fellow players here at Unifiltekken.
4. That If you fail to follow these simple rules. Unifiltekken will have the right to revoke, ban and delete your account even if you are the Top Battle Points Earner.

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