Do you want to play Tekken 7 but have no idea how to use the arcade machines? Well, you’re reading the right article!


Tekken 7 on the arcades is not like any of the previous Tekken games. The arcade machine is equipped with more features which includes LAN matchmaking, practice mode, revenge matches, and even online store-to-store gaming. In this guide, we’ll go over each feature one-by-one.

Starting the game.

Just like any game in the arcade, you start by putting in some credits into the machine. Some arcades use coins, while others use cards. Timezone Philippines is one of those arcades that use cards to operate their machines.

Tekken 7 is currently priced at P32 per game. When you put in your credits, the screen will display the title screen of the game:

Tekken 7 Title Screen

When this screen shows up along with the instruction to press the start button, you’re good to go so just press the start button. If not, better check if you’ve put in enough credits.

Using your Banapassport

After you press the start button, you will be asked if you wish to use a Banapassport for your session.

Tekken 7 asking if the player wishes to use a Banapassport.

What is a Banapassport?

Well, a Banapassport is a system provided by Bandai Namco Games in order to manage information, points, and payments for games by Bandai Namco on a single ID. So basically, you use the Banapassport to access your game accounts which includes your player name, win-loss record, ranks, fight money, customizations, fight record, and more. You can buy a Banapassport over the counter at arcades that have Banapassport supported machines.

Banapassport card and reader.
Banapassport card and reader.

Banapassport has been used in several other Bandai Namco Games namely: Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Midnight Maximum Tune 4, and Midnight Maximum Tune 5. If you have a card for one of those games, you may use the same card for Tekken 7. As exlained, Banapassport is meant to manage information from games by Bandai Namco which means the card is usable for any Banapassport capable arcade machine. You DO NOT need to buy a new one.

So if you wish to use a Banapassport, just tap in onto the glowing, blue Banapassport reader. If it glows green, that means the machine successfully read your card information. If you don’t have a Banapassport or do not wish to use one, then just press any button to skip this screen.

Choosing a game mode

You’ve put in your credits and you’ve pressed the start button, but what’s this? A menu? Tekken Tag Tournament 2 didn’t have a menu! What do we do now?

Tekken 7 Main Menu
Tekken 7 Main Menu.

Do not fret. As explained earlier, Tekken 7 comes with more features than any of the past Tekken games. In this menu, you get to choose which game mode you want to use for your session. There are three game modes available for Tekken 7 namely: Versus mode, Practice mode, and Online (seems to be disabled in the image).

Versus mode

If you wish to play against another player or against a CPU opponent, then you want to use the versus mode of Tekken 7.

Tekken 7 versus mode menu
Tekken 7 versus mode menu.

After you select versus mode, you will brought to another menu. In this menu, you will see a list of players in the middle of the screen that shows their name, the character they are using, and in the case that they are using a Banapassport card, it will also show their rank. If you wish to challenge somebody on that list just use the stick to highlight the player and confirm by pressing any button.

IMPORTANT: Note that you will only be able to challenge players in the same group as your machine. If you look at the upper left portion of your screen, you will see which group the machine you are currently playing on belongs to (in this case, group A). Players playing on machines in group A will show up on the list of players you can challenge, while players on machines in different groups will not.

If you don’t want to challenge anyone and you just want to play against a computer opponent, then that’s fine. Just select CPU battle on the right side of your screen. Beware though that in CPU battle, other players are free to challenge you to a game.

Practice mode

If you feel the need to warm up a little or review your character before fighting against anybody, you can choose practice mode.

Practice Mode In-game menu. Freestyle mode.
Practice Mode In-game menu.

In practice mode, Tekken 7 gives you five minutes to practice your technique against your choice of opponent and stage. Just like the practice modes in the past Tekken games, you can tweak your settings a bit in order to match what you wish to practice by entering the in-game menu with the start button.

In Freestyle mode, your opponent will be completely stationary. This is the ideal mode to test your character’s combos, the stage mechanics, and other execution reliant techniques that would best be practiced by doing it over and over again. To help with this, the game lets you choose what you want the opponent to do. You can set your opponent would stay by changing the CPU settings on the second option, and you can also set how your opponent would get up after being knocked down by changing the Ukemi/Wake-up settings.

In VS CPU mode, your opponent will be controlled by the computer.

Practice mode in-game menu. VS CPU training mode.

This makes the mode very good for defensive training and things like identifying strings and their properties, checking punishment and/or move tracking, and also getting used to in-game movement. In this mode, the game lets you choose the level of difficulty for the CPU opponent. The levels go from Easy for players who are new to the game, all the way to Ultra Hard for the more experienced players.

In both practice modes, you are allowed to switch on several options that might be necessary for what you are practicing. If you need to do counter hits, then you can turn on the counter setting. If you wish to check damage with rage or use your character’s Rage Art, you can turn on the rage setting. Other than these two there are also some utility settings like command history which lets you see your inputs as you perform, and position reset which allows you to return to your original position from the beginning of your practice session.

After your five minutes of practice, the game will ask you if you wish to continue your training.

Continue option for practice mode.

To add 7 more minutes to your training session, you’ll have to pay 1 more credit. Not a bad deal if you ask me.


Online is pretty much the same as in versus mode except your opponents will come from other stores. As of right now, online mode is disabled in the Philippines so more information will be added here once it becomes available.

Setting up for a match

Before a match begins whether it’s in versus mode or practice mode, you will be given the choice on which side you wish to play in.

Option on which side you wish to play in.

That’s right. It doesn’t matter which machine you sit in. Unlike any of the past Tekken games, Tekken 7 allows you to choose which side you play in. That means no more whining about not being on your good side. It’s possible for both players to be on the same side of their respective screens since Tekken 7 uses a dual camera view from the background and from the foreground.

After selecting a side, you finally get to choose your character.

Character select screen.

As you can see, displayed in the upper right is your player name, win-loss record, and current character rank. Aside from those, the game also provides you with the input for a character’s Rage Art so you won’t forget. There are 27 characters to choose from and there’s also a randomize option for those who are completely used to the different characters in Tekken 7.

After you select your character, you’re good to go! The match will begin to load and display information about you and your opponent.

Pre-match loading screen.

The screen will display you and your opponent’s names, win-loss record, rank, characters, your respective playspots, and comments. After loading, your match will begin.

After the match

When you lose against a human opponent, you are given an option for a revenge match. A revenge match guarantees that the opponent you last fought will be your next opponent.

Post-match revenge option.
Post-defeat revenge match option.

As long as revenge match is still available on your screen, your previous opponent will have to wait until it expires before he/she can get matched up with somebody else.

IMPORTANT: If you decide to do a revenge match, you and your opponent will not be able to change your characters and the stage. Remember that and choose wisely. Also if you leave the machine while the revenge match option is still active, a player may sit down on the same machine and use your data by selecting revenge match so always select the end game option to terminate your session.

In the case that you win however, the game will show you your rewards for winning a match which includes fight money, an increase in your treasure gauge which lets you choose a random reward when it fills up, and in the case of a promotion match it will show you your new rank!

Post-victory rewards.
Post-victory rewards.


Without having to put in credits for your machine, you may collect a daily reward from the arcade machine by simply tapping your Banapassport card into the reader.

Daily bonus.

The bonus varies from fight money to lottery tickets to orbs which are used to craft customization items. Even if you don’t have time to play the game, don’t forget to just tap your card for the daily bonus!

Final Overview

Well that’s all there is to using the new Tekken 7 arcade machine. Put in your credits, choose whether you’ll use a Banapassport or not, and then select a game mode. If you want to play against a player or a CPU opponent, choose versus mode and if you want to double check your skills, combos, and ideas then go ahead and chill out in practice mode. When you lose against a player, choose revenge match to fight the same player again and get your revenge. And finally, if you want to end your session after losing, do not forget to select the end game option.

With regards to your machine usage however, always consider the people who are waiting their turn to play Tekken 7. Since the game is quite popular, being the latest in the Tekken series and all, a lot of players want to play the game and there usually will be a line forming with each machine. You’ll identify the line as a bunch of tokens set on top of the machine like a card, a coin, or whatever a player chooses to represent himself as.

In order to not hinder the progress of the line, mind the three game rule.


That’s it! Good luck and have fun playing Tekken 7! For more updates and stuff like this about Tekken in general, stay tuned right here.