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I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. But it seems that I always don’t have time to do this. But at last I finally got to interview Bren Esports Maru. Read On.


Maru: I’m Maru Sy, 21 years old. I’m a professional tekken player under Bren Esports.


Maru Battle Mode..

Maru: Aside from tekken, I love to binge-watch series and movies. It might be weird, but one of my hobbies is also to eat and try different cuisines.

Me: Hmm.. it is not weird at all as I am a food enthusiast too.. anyway on to the next question.. What fighting game/s you first played?

Maru: I first played tekken 3 on PS1 with my sister 🀣 back then, it was just purely for fun.

After that, I started playing in arcade stations


Me: Did your sister beat the hell out of you in tekken? or issit the other way around? lol just kiddin’ lol anyway you are free to answer that.

Maru: We were just even. I remember every time I win, she used to give me some sort of prize.


Me: back in 2015 when playbook is just startin and we did a tournament in Tekken Empire “TARA TEKKEN” besides UST dapitan. AK and Doujin where there and you weren’t. then I heard them that there is this “BIG 3 in Tekken Scene” and apparently you are in it. Does that apply also nowadays? the big 3 they are mentioning are AK, DOUJIN and you.

Maru: As of now, I can’t say that I’m still in that “Big 3” ‘coz I’ve been on hiatus. During that time, there have been lots of changes like there are other players who improved tremendously. That’s why, it felt like a challenge to me, especially now that I represent Bren Esports.

Me: Now that you mentioned Bren Esports. This is the next question. Tell me About Bren Esports and the time you are about to be recruited as pro tekken player by them.

Maru: And I am also grateful that some people see me as part of that big 3, but still what matters most is how I play. During that hiatus, I saw a post from Bren Esports that they were looking for tekken players. So just like in the usual work setting, I applied. I just tried my luck and hoped for the best. Fortunately, I got the sponsorship.

Me: Thats cool. 😊 Last two questions: who inspires you to play tekken? and What will you say to tekken players who wants to go pro? Suggestions? Tips?

Maru: Frankly, right now what inspires me is my sponsorship from Bren Esports because they trusted and believed in me even though I’m an inactive player when I got in.

Me: nice and the last one?

Maru: Don’t give up on your passion and invest a lot of time in practicing.


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