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Jet Bustamante – Tekken Pro Player – Represents Secret Base Gaming Lounge.

I recently contacted Jet Bustamante for an interview and he obliged. But says he has to go to ESC for him to join the Tournament. So I waited and luckily I finally got a hold of Jet. Our Interview goes a little something like this.

Hello Jet, this is Bryan Mendoza of Can I interview you here in fb messenger to be featured in Unifiltekken’s website when we relaunch it soon.

Good morning po sir, bale may tournament po kasi ako sasalihan ngayon sa katipunan (ESC) paguwi ko nalang po sagutan yan ok lang po ba? Thank you .

k lang, mas una ung tournament, this can wait, good luck.

Thank you po.

Jet playing in Arcade ^_^

I’ll just leave this here.
1: Please introduce yourself.

Hello! My name is Jet Bustamante, I’m 20 years old, living in Caloocan. I’ve been playing Tekken for almost a decade now. I started playing Tekken competitively back in 2012 when i joined my first ever tournament (Tekken Tag 2 Triple Threat) in Ortigas.

2: What is the first Fighting Games that you’ve played?

The first fighting game i played was Tekken 3. My oldest brother introduced me to the game back when we had a Playstation 1. When it broke, we transition playing it on our PC using a PS1 emulator and playing on keyboard. I also remember playing Mortal Kombat on SNES Emulator.

Me: That’s nice to hear Jet, another question.

Jet: Sure

Me: Question 3: What inspires you to Play Tekken?

Jet: I grew up learning and enjoying the game from Tekken 3 up until Tekken 7. Growing up, i experience a lot of losses from my brother, the arcade, tournaments, casuals and now, online. But because of this, I learn something new every time. My losses inspires me to be better at the game and understanding it deeper.

Me: Wow, that’s inspiring..

Question 4: Tell me about SecreT BasE Gaming Lounge and Board Game Cafe. Since I believe Secret Base is the one who sponsored you and take you as their very own player to compete in Tekken.

Secret Base recently opened a new branch in Monumento, Caloocan last November 2018. Their first branch is located in Marikina. They organize a few Tekken tournaments every now and then and also has an FGC event every Friday. The food is great and the place is super cool too!
Secret Base recently picked me to be part of their Tekken team. My schoolmate, Daniel (also known as Secret Base | Weez) is the one who refered me to the team. (Thanks man!) because of this, it will help to solidify the North/Monumento FGC.

Me: And last and final question: What will you say to tekken players who wants to go pro in the game.? any tips, suggestions..?

My tip would be just play and enjoy the game. If you really love the game in the first place, getting sponsored or being professional in the scene is just a little bonus. Don’t play for the money or for being in the spotlight. Play for the experience you will get and for being happy at the end of the day. πŸ™‚

Well Jet that’s about it.. salamat at napagbigyan mo kami sa interview nato

Thank you for the interview!

thanks din.. please dont forget to send pictures of you that you like for me to include in the article

Thanks again Sir Bryan!

ok cool

salamat ulit ng marami

You can Catch Jet Bustamante at Secret Base Gaming Lounge Monumento if you want to play with this guy

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