“Grabber yan eh.”
“Madaya yan eh. Puro grab lang alam.”

“Wag ka ngang grab ng grab! Di ka naman marunong eh!”
If these words have escaped your mouth or crossed your mind recently, then you have a problem.

Hooray for old memes!


Throws are fast. They deal a good chunk of damage, and you know what’s worse? You can’t block them!
If you’re new to the game (or still in the process of getting good at it), you’re probably still having trouble against players that do throws all day. But fret not, because we’re here to help you out!

There are basically two ways to deal with throws.

The first one is to duck under them. Throws are essentially highs. This means that if you’re in a crouching position, throws will just go right over your head. In this situation, you’ll be able to counterattack immediately afterwards. However, randomly crouching to avoid throws is risky business. You leave yourself open to mid hitting attacks in the process, and you definitely don’t want that.

So let’s go straight to the completely risk-free second option when it comes to dealing with throws. Throws can be broken.

How does one break throws in Tekken? Well in order to break a throw, a player must input a specific command immediately after getting caught by a throw. This command varies depending on what kind of throw the opponent uses:

1.) 1 THROWS

If the opponent’s character reaches out with his/her left hand during the throw animation, this means that the opponent used a 1 throw. This throw can be broken by immediately pressing 1 after the throw connects.

Bruce’s generic 1+3 throw.

2.) 2 THROWS

Now if the opponent’s character reaches out with his/her right hand instead, then this means that the opponent used a throw. This throw can be broken by immediately pressing after the throw connects.

Bruce generic 2+4

NOTE: Tekken 7 allows players to break generic 1 and 2 throws (1+3 or 2+4) to be broken with either 1 or 2. For throws with special inputs however like Jack’s Catapult throw (d/f+2+4) or King’s Jaguar Driver (qcf+1), players still need to press the correct buttons.

3.) 1+2 THROWS

If the opponent’s character uses both hands to reach out during his/her throw animation, this (usually) means that the opponent used a 1+2 throw. These throws can be broken by immediately pressing 1+2 after the throw connects.

There are exceptions however like King’s Giant Swing (f,hcf+1). This throw shows King reaching out with both hands, but it is still broken by pressing only 1. Be careful of these special throws.

Bruce f,f+3+4


When an opponent throws you from the side, you’ll need to press a different input to break them when compared to generic throws and command throws.
When you’re thrown from the left sideyou need to press 1 in order to break the throw.

Bruce’s 1+3_2+4 throw from the left side

On the other hand, when you’re thrown from the right side, you need to press in order to break the throw.

Bruce’s 1+3_2+4 throw from the right side

The easy part about side throws is that it does not matter what kind of throw your opponent uses on you. Whether they use a 1+3 throw, a 2+4 throw, or a 1+2 throw, it does not matter. All that matters is which side your opponent is at when it comes to breaking side throws.


On the unfortunate occasion that your opponent manages to grab you from the back, you will be suffering a huge amount of damage. What’s worse is that when it comes to back throws, THERE’S NO ESCAPE.

Bruce’s 1+3_2+4 throw from the back

That’s right. It’s impossible to break throws that come from your character’s back. That’s why you need to be careful to not let your opponent get behind you easily.


There are several throws in the game that can only be broken through unique inputs. A good example of these throws is Lars’ Avalanche throw (u/f+3+4). This throw can be broken by pressing down (d) immediately after the throw connects.


Well, there’s a lot more to learn about throws in Tekken but this much should suffice for now. Just remember the differences between each kind of throw and you’ll be breaking them in no time.

If you want to practice your throw breaking, you can try out the Throw Break Trainer made by Level Up Your Game‘s Reepal Parbhoo.


It’s a browser based flash game that utilizes animation from Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection and simulates throw breaking. The screen will flash red if you failed the break, and green if you succeed. Be sure to try it out right here.

Good luck and keep practicing!