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The TEKKEN World Tour rages on around the world and after the action-packed REV Major Philippines, it was Indonesia’s turn with Abuget Cup 2017.

Some of the top players from REV Major joined the Tekken 7 tournament at Abuget Cup 2017 including Korean players Knee and Echo Fox | Saint, Japanese players GetNews | Pekos and Cyclops | Tanukana, Thailand’s UDG | Book, Malaysia’s Armageddon | Arenz, and Indonesia’s very own Armageddon | Meat. Most of these players, with the exception of Arena made it to the top 8 along with the Philippines’ very own Alexandre “PBE.AK” Laverez and Andreij “PBE.Doujin” Albar.

From left to right: PBE.Doujin, Richard Brojan (CEO of PlayBook), PBE.AK

In top 8, PBE.AK was matched against Knee who placed second at REV Major Philippines. The two players clashed for the first time in this tournament, and the match ended with PBE.AK being sent to the losers bracket. There he faced off against his fellow teammate PBE.Doujin who eliminated Cyclops | Tanukana in the first round of Top 8. It was a terrible situation with both Filipino players going against each other, guaranteeing that only one of them may proceed. Without holding anything back, the two friends clashed and the result was PBE.Doujin moving on in the losers bracket and PBE.AK landing in 5th place overall.

As the lone Filipino player left in the tournament, PBE.Doujin gathered his energy and concentrated hard on the tournament, outplaying UDG | Book who placed higher than any of our players in REV Major Philippines. Following that tough match up was an even tougher opponent, Echo Fox | Saint who recently placed second at EVO 2017, the biggest fighting game tournament in the world. Though this does sound intimidating, PBE.Doujin has faced and defeated Echo Fox | Saint before during the Tekken 7 launch tournament Rage Art here in the Philippines. With a surprise Gigas pick, followed by his trusty pocket Shaheen, PBE.Doujin managed to replicate his Rage Art victory and sent Echo Fox | Saint to third place.

From the winners side of the tournament, Knee had been waiting for his opponent in the grand finals. Stepping up to the challenge, PBE.Doujin pulled out his main character Lars against Knee who had released his Bryan pick. Despite his best efforts though, PBE.Doujin was completely unable make a dent in Knee’s defense. All of his attempts to initiate an offensive play was completely read, punished, and eventually supressed by Knee who eventually finished the tournament with a 3-0 victory.

Video by twitter user @penguinfatuated

The rest of the results are as follows:

Champion – Knee
2nd place – PBE.Doujin
3rd place – Echo Fox | Saint
4th place – UDG | Book
5th place – GetNews | Pekos
5th place – PBE.AK
7th place – Cyclops | Tanukana
7th place – Armageddon | Meat

Congratulations to Knee for winning the Tekken 7 Tournament at Abuget Cup 2017! Congratulations as well to PBE.Doujin who placed 2nd in the tournament and PBE.AK who placed 5th in the tournament. The next TEKKEN World Tour event for Asia-Pacific will be a challenger event in Korea next week! Be sure to catch that event for more high level Tekken action!

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