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A lot of Xiaoyu players have been stealing the spotlight in tournaments around the globe. There’s Tanukana from Japan, P.Ling from North America, Sodam from Korea, and from the Philippines we’ll be having Gogoy.

Name: Francis Steven Valencia Cabahug
Gamer ID: UFTC.Gogoy
Character: Ling Xiaoyu

Tournament Record:

Tekken 6

Champion Tekken 6 PS3 Lounge Tournament 2009
3rd Place Tekken 6 P.E.S.O. 2012
Champion Tekken 6 Davao Cyber Expo
2nd Place Tekken 6 GOLS Tournament

Tekken Tag 2

Champion arcCHON 2013
Champion arcCHON 2014
Champion arcCHON 2015
Champion Cebu Cyber Expo 2013
ChampionTTT2 PVP Tournament by Cebu Playstation Gamers United during OTAKU Fest 2014
Champion C.E.B.U Campus Tour Tournament 2013
Champion TTT2 Cosmaze Carnival 2014
Champion Philippine eSports Festival 2014
Champion Philippine eSports Festival 2015
2nd Place TTT2 Parkmall C.E.B.U Tournament 2013
2nd Place TTT2 2nd IloIlo Hobby Con 2015
2nd Place C.E.B.U. TTT2 ITEX 2013
3rd Place TTT2 P.E.S.O. 2013

Tekken 7

Champion ClutchZone Tekken 7 Tournament 2017


Francis Steven “Gogoy” Cabahug is one of the top Tekken players of Cebu and Visayas in general. He is known as the best Xiaoyu player in the Philippines not only by the local Tekken community but even in the international Tekken scene as well. Having played Xiaoyu since Tekken 3, Gogoy has reached a level of expertise with the character that allows him to compete at high levels of play, occasionally besting top players from other countries online and offline.

He bested Nobi in a first-to-3 match when the Japanese players came to the Philippines in 2014 (see video above). Back when Sodam was still staying in the Philippines, Gogoy and him would spar with each other’s Xiaoyu with neither side having a clear advantage every time. In several occasions, he has also beaten other foreign players like Korea’s JDCR and Knee in online matches which you can find on his YouTube channel.

Gogoy will be joining REV Major Philippines as UFTC.Gogoy, representing Unifiltekken in the tournament. We at Unifiltekken are proud to have a skilled player such as him and we wish him the best of luck in REV Major!

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