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Korea has some of the best, if not the best, Tekken players in the entire world. With such a high-level community present, TEKKEN World Tour Korea proved to be the most stacked tournament anyone has ever seen. Over 200 players came out for the tournament including a lot of familiar names that most players may have seen while studying their respective characters. Despite the overwhelming competition however, one Japanese player stood his ground and made his mark.

NOROMA joined a handful of his fellow Japanese Tekken players in the TEKKEN World Tour (TWT) Korea tournament. Among these players are Yamasa sponsored players Nobi, Take, and Yuu, who are among the favorites in the competition.

The tournament was very hectic for NOROMA. In pools, he had a smooth run in the winners side of the bracket taking down top Asuka player Dimeback along the way. His only slight struggle was against Eastone_9ra, one of the players who managed to take down the legendary player and TWT top contender Knee and in the first round of Top 16 NOROMA defeated Wecka, the player who eliminated Knee in pools.

Though it seemed like a strong start for NOROMA, he was suddenly faced with another TWT top contender, Echo Fox | Saint of Korea. NOROMA’s unstoppable run was put to a halt and diverted to the losers bracket with a solid 0-2 courtesy of Saint. There he restarted his run defeating player after player including his fellow countryman Take 2-1 in round 4 of losers. After that he struggled against CherryBerryMango’s Jin in the semifinals, squeaking by with 2-1 victory. NOROMA’s rematch opportunity against Saint followed right afterwards, and with a surprise Feng pick after using Jack-7 throughout the tournament, he convincingly achieved his 3-1 revenge.

After all of that struggle, NOROMA had to face off against the seemingly undefeatable Echo Fox | JDCR in the grand finals. JDCR had a smooth tournament at run at that point, winning match after match all the way to the grand finals sending Saint to the losers bracket in his last match. However, JDCR’s momentum was stopped by NOROMA who surprised everyone by putting a dent in JDCR’s record, resetting the bracket with a 3-1 victory. In the final set, JDCR tried to adapt to NOROMA’s Jack-7 by switching to Heihachi and it worked at first, but the effect was fleeting. NOROMA was playing a solid Jack-7, messing with JDCR’s rhythm by playing Jack-7 in a slightly different timing as Saint which eventually made JDCR switch back to Dragunov. With poke-heavy game play and by capitalizing on each other’s slightest mistakes, the two players brought the tournament all the way down to the final match. JDCR turned up the heat when he tied up the set 2-2, but NOROMA had no plans on getting burned down after getting that far. NOROMA took two straight rounds out of the gates, putting JDCR right up against the wall. With the last of his energy, JDCR tried to stage a reverse sweep comeback, taking one round in the match. The attempt was unsuccessful with NOROMA chipping away at JDCR while at the same time keeping him out. The life disadvantage was too big, and NOROMA finished off the tournament with a full-ranged debugger.

The rest of the results are as follows:

Champion – NOROMA
2nd place – Echo Fox | JDCR
3rd place – Echo Fox | Saint
4th place – CherryBerryMango
5th place – YAMASA | Take
5th place – Tsubumi
7th place – Shine
7th place – LiLi MaN

With this win, NOROMA has launched himself to 3rd place in the Asia-Pacific leaderboard of the TEKKEN World Tour. Check out the top 10 for Asia-Pacific in the image below:

The next Asia-Pacific event for Tekken World Tour will be Let’s Play Live at New Zealand on August 23, followed by Tokyo Tekken Masters in Japan on September 3. After that will be OzHadou Nationals in Australia on September 15-17, TWFighter Major in Taiwan on October 7-8, and finally the regional finals at South East Asiam Major in Singapore on October 13-15. Plenty more chances to earn points for the players so those rankings will still change. Our very own Andreij “PBE | Doujin” Albar is currently sitting at 7th, one rank off the top 5 who will qualify for the finals (JDCR not included since he already won EVO). No news yet on whether he and Alexandre “PBE.AK” Laverez will be flying for more events soon.

Congratulations to NOROMA for his championship!

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