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Echo Fox’s JDCR showed the world the highest level of Tekken achievable today when he claimed his first EVO championship for Tekken 7.

Echo Fox players JDCR and Saint coming in first and second respectively.

Over one thousand players gathered at Las Vegas for the biggest Tekken 7 tournament in the world. EVO 2017 hosted the highest tier event of the TEKKEN World Tour which offered the champion a guaranteed spot at the grand finals later in the year. Out of all the top players present and aiming for the top prize, JDCR emerged bruised, tired, but victorious.

JDCR has been known for his inhuman reflexes and play style. He’s been called a “computer”, a “robot sent from the future”, due to his unbelievable performance that showcases his dominance in every match. At EVO 2017, he continued the same display of skill throughout the tournament, but not without difficulty near the end. JDCR encountered trouble against a few of his opponents including fellow Korean top player Jeondding who showed an amazing maximization of Tekken character Eddy’s skills. In a tight match, JDCR managed to pull ahead with a sliver of life left, sending Jeondding to the losers bracket.

Legendary Tekken veteran Knee also managed to hinder JDCR somehow, taking a match off him. This attempt however fell short as the computer-like JDCR made the necessary adjustments and completely shut down Knee in the final round of the fourth game.

The biggest clash JDCR had to overcome was with his own teammate Saint. Saint surprised everyone by completely dominating his own competition through the losers bracket and effectively eliminating Jeondding, Taisei who was a dark horse Steve player from Japan, and Knee. In the grand finals, Saint with his signature Jack-7 played out of his mind and displayed an incredibly similar play style as JDCR’s which seems to go beyond human capabilities. With his momentum from the losers bracket, Saint was able to force a bracket reset pushing JDCR to the corner.

Saint seemed unstoppable at this point. His experience fighting against JDCR as teammates was showing in the play style he had adapted and in his reads which made it seem like he was seeing the future itself. It was seen in a shot during the short break after the reset that JDCR was contemplating on how to stop Saint’s momentum.

And he found it. Somehow, despite the unstoppable performance that Saint was displaying, JDCR found a way to seal his opponent shut. Without the momentum on his side and even with his best efforts to regain traction, Saint fell on the defensive against JDCR. On his signature Dragunov, JDCR launched his unrelenting but smart offensive which chipped away at Saint’s life and eventually giving him the EVO 2017 championship.

EVO 2017 Top 8

Champion – Echo Fox | JDCR
2nd place – Echo Fox | Saint
3rd place – Knee
4th place – Taisei
5th place – Jeondding
5th place – Streamme | Anakin
7th place – TAKE
7th place – Suiken

The rest of the Tekken 7 results for EVO 2017 can be found here.

With this win, JDCR has qualified for the grand finals of the TEKKEN World Tour at the end of the year. JDCR is the one currently holding the top spot in the Asia-Pacific leaderboards for the tour, but since he is now qualified for the finals, a slot then opens up in the said leaderboard. There are numerous events left in the tour, which means plenty of opportunities for players to earn their spot among the top 5 in their respective regions.

Congratulations to JDCR and hope to see him again soon in the next Tekken events!

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